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is tailormade workshops, circle coaching and 1:1 coaching on conscious sexuality, relating and communication. Add a glimpse of edutainment, vibrant music, great people and a lot of fun.



Eros, connection and sexuality are some major dimensions of human life and flourishing. And as they have been objective of arts, science, friends chats and urban mythology, they have been under attack, by media, religion and even politics. Our mission is to regain power over the beauty of life, our bodies, sensations and the infinite process of shaping our identities. Therefore, we create experiences for groups and communities and coach individuals on the matter.

The what?

the orgasm workshop

Let's face it: our sexuality defines us, shaping our past, present, and future. Yet societal pressures often lead to conflicts and doubts. Our workshop cuts through cultural conditioning, addressing everything from online dating to unrealistic media standards. It's time to reclaim your pleasure, power, and authentic self! Our flagship workshop offers a thrilling exploration of orgasmic bliss, pelvic empowerment, and enchanting encounters. From Berlin to the open seas, we've captivated crowds at festivals and cruises, catering to groups of 50 to 400 ecstatic participants. Discover keys to intimacy, communication, and crafting your ideal environment for growth. All genders and orientations are embraced, as we believe sexuality is universal. True intimacy begins long before shedding clothes – with us.
Embark on a transformative journey, emerging with newfound awareness and confidence.

get back in tune

men coaching

I my work I meet a multitude of men: workers, dreamers, artist, CEOs, leaders, hippies, bulldozers. Masculinity is not a standard setting and it has many expressions. If we are in tune with ourselves, it can radiate and have an impact. If you are out of tune, it won't. Then coaching can help.
I specifically help where I became good at:

  • Communication & Charisma

  • Kill Porn Addiction

  • Vision & Purpose

  • Flirting & Dating

  • Refine your lover skills

  • Control, prolong & intensify orgasms

shoulder to shoulder

men circles

Men need men. And society as it is built, suffers a healthy positioning of men. False idols deteriorate the greatness that is in most of us. Loneliness is on the rise, and competitiveness on the market challenges that. And lately, almost everything has become a market.We explore together what masculinity can mean and how we can give meaning to it.We will be present with each other, work as peers to stand as a wall and share men's topics in a safe circle. Online and offline. Reach out, and let's set up a circle near you. Or online.

Forgot something?


If you feel like you have an added value to my offering, feel free to reach out. Especially, if you are a female coach, the better, as it will help cover perspectives and embody the dialoge which is so utterly needed more balanced.

Sed umbra

Who is?

Hi, my name is Göran Hielscher, I am 44 and live in Berlin. I work as a coach, consultant and facilitator in the realms of communication, leadership, transformation and conscious sexuality. I love collecting and trying new skills and knowledge and translate it so everyone can understand it easily.I embarked my journey as a designer, copywriter, went on with communication consulting, went for years to a tantric yoga school, wrote a diploma thesis on metaphors in online dating, yes, quite nerdy, i know and created a multitude of workshops. I love helping people thrive as individuals and in groups. My conviction is, the species will not just only survive due to self-development, but a lot more we-development.If you love to work with me, embark in a free 30min call:

a connected world requires connected people

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